Women of the World

This project combines the styles of women from different parts of the world in a unique show. They meet in Havana and manage to harmonize with each other a melody that claims their singularities and also their common points.

“We are very different women, we have very different influences from each other and mixing all this in the same project, sharing and looking for points in common seems very nice to me,” says one of the participants in the first edition of the project in the year 2015.

This initiative usually carried out during the Havana World Music Festival opens a space for reflection on musical androcentrism and the need for empowerment of women, especially artists.

Some of the participants have been:

• Méllisa Laveaux, Canadian singer and songwriter
• Ellen Andrea Wang, Norwegian composer and double bass player.
• Yissy García, Cuban percussionist
• Eme Alfonso, Cuban singer and songwriter
• EDA, Franco-Colombian singer and bassist
• Leyanis Valdés, Cuban pianist

First edition of Women of the World in 2015