Primera Base Contest

talleres de primera base HWM
Talleres de Primera Base

Primera Base, contest for emerging and new bands. It was necessary to create a way to help young people, not only taking national and international music to the spaces created by the festival itself at the annual event, but also integrating new musical proposals that begin their careers and do not yet have the means to route his work. Primera Base , contest that calls HWM in each edition for emerging artists that always bets on originality and quality in the proposals.
Cuba is a very musical country, there is a lot of talent in the most unexpected places, HWM seeks to promote and spread the work of new generations of musicians on the Island.
A national call is made looking for bands that do not sound exactly like most of the music on our streets, homes and media. This contest “stems from the concern about the absence of dissemination spaces of other music; Primera Base is committed precisely to people looking for experimentation, ”says Eme Alfonso.
In each edition the contestants participate in workshops and conferences of professionals in the music industry. Then they appear in showcases where the jury has the opportunity to see them play live and select the most interesting proposal.
The highlight of the contest is the presentation of the winners at the HWM Festival, where they share the stage with artists of the highest level.
Many are musicians, of great recognition today, who have gone through Primera Base: Jorgito Kamankola, Reyna and Real, Cimafunk, are just a few.

Erick Iglesias (Cimafunk) said in 2018: “What I hope is what will happen, achieve more spaces, more acceptance (…) and we trust what we are doing, it is Cuban music and it is our historic moment to set our tone”

Jade Kholy Band, one of the winners in the 2019 edition commented: “I hope to learn, for me this is a great opportunity (…) I think I can get a lot out of the experience”

Primera Base Winners

2015: La Reina y la Real, High Grass, Jorgito Kamankola, Rezak

2016: Golpe Seko, Miel con Limón, La Alianza

2017: La Cruzada, Ensamble Vocal Luna, Adriana Machado

2018: Cimafunk, BandEra, Open Mind

2019: Los locos tristes, Accordo, Jade Kohly band