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True to the values ​​of diversity and creativity that distinguish the event, the organizing committee of HWM will again present in Cuba a particular mix of world music. The festival revealed some of the artists scheduled to perform.

Long live the Havana World Music

AMPM Magazine

The Pink Room of La Tropical burned for three afternoons and nights in the sixth edition of Havana World Music, the festival that every year brings together bands and artists from all corners of the world in the capital of Cuba. The event, which took place on March 21, 22 and 23, made it clear that Havana is ready to dance everything, and that it wants to be nourished by new sounds and different rhythms.

Havana World Music enciende La Tropical


“In the two nights that have elapsed, the audience filled the two stages of the Pink Room of La Tropical and had a great time. For this, the curatorship of the bands has been exquisite, key point of the HWM, which has positioned it as the largest alternative festival in the Caribbean ”

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