Tóke in Havana: Create music is like medicine

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and raised in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Tóke has a life experience prone to cultural mixing and enrichment. Just watch him. But, in any case, if there are any doubts, listening to his new EP Ethereal will completely dispel them. The creation of these songs, he said, came as […]

Havana World Music Reload: The return of world music

Almost three years have passed since the last edition of the Havana World Music Festival (HWM). In March 2020, just five days before the party started, the imminent passage of Covid 19 through Cuba imposed a pause on us that lasted much longer than expected. Now, when the world is gradually recovering its natural rhythm, […]


In March we were struck by the news that the 7th edition of Havana World Music should be postponed because of the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic that to this day keeps us in confinement. The Festival has been active from home, paying attention to the latest in world music, as well as the initiatives […]

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