Real Project

Real Project

Is an avant-garde Cuban jazz band founded in 2013 by drummer Ruly Herrera and pianist Jorge Luis Lagarza. Together, they make experimentation their flagship, keeping their sound fresh, while at the same time disturbing the more conventional taste.

The project was born as a bass and drums duo. Then, due to the need to enrich the timbres and compositions, it became a trio bringing together a piano or keyboard, bass and drums. Later a guitar was added, which was recently replaced by a trumpet. This is why they define the group as Project, representing a switch in sounds, matching their musical interests in terms of timbre and adding up the current Cuban panorama and international scene.

Real Project’s jazz is instilled with the different rhythms of Cuban music, with touches of pop, R&B, funk, country, and even jazz rock.

Its language consists of improvisations, electronic bells, the use of the Vocoder, the Electronic Drum Pad, maximizing the sounds of keyboards. They describe themselves as a band that brings mobility to their repertoire.

They have won the most important award given by the cuban music industry at the Cubadisco International Fair 2017 with the album Real Project (EGREM), and 20-21 with the album Real Project-GES (BisMusic).

In Havana, the band has been part of several occasions of the International Jazz Plaza Festival. In 2020 they participated in the second online edition of the MPC Jazz Festival from Brazil. Recently, in 2021 they were part of the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival (PAPJazz) line up.

Currently, the band is recording their third album with the collaboration of Theo Croker, the young American trumpet player nominated for a 2019 Grammy Award.