Raulito Prieto

Raulito Prieto

For Raulito Prieto —the stage name of singer, bassist, and composer Raúl Damián Prieto Espinosa—, music always starts from an idea turned into a song. No this means that the melody is limited to accompanying words or phrases; far from For this, Raulito Prieto and his band give music a meaning, making each instrument expresses itself in its own language. That has been, perhaps, the seal that has distinguished since he debuted in 2016 with his current group: take both discourses, that of words and music, at the same time.

The beginnings are closely linked to his father, Raúl Prieto, an important troubadour from Holguin with the person who took the first steps after beginning music studies in adolescence, first with the guitar and later with his true vocation: the bass.

In 2016 he decides to launch his solo project with a band that includes, in addition to bass and leads vocals, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone; and your proposal fuses various musical genres such as funk, pop, jazz, and Cuban Trova. I know has performed on various stages in eastern Cuba and Havana, where he has shared with important groups such as Interactive.

In 2020, he participated in the First Base contest of the Havana World Music festival dedicated to new bands and artists, where he was the winner in the Major category.

He is currently recording his first album with Egrem, which will take title My entire universe, which will feature the collaboration of various Cuban artists.