Nube Roja

Nube Roja

A young band that breaks into the Cuban sound and visual context with a daring proposal that achieves harmony between the well-crafted arrangements, the lyrics and the show on stage.

The band is made up of young musicians under the direction of Anthuan Perugorría (lead vocals) and Lázaro Peña Lachy (lead vocals and piano), who try to attract a diverse audience but fundamentally from their own generation.

It is a proposal that risks not being pigeonholed into genres and manages to use foreign genres from Cuba fluently. Nube Roja transmits movement and defends the concept of Banda so that each member brings their stamp, thus achieving authenticity in the current sound scene.

In 2015 they independently made their first record production: Dibujemos el camino and in 2018 they recorded their second CD: Nube Roja is fashionable, integrating new sounds, more instruments and choirs, produced by themselves and with all the songs of its authorship.

In 2022 they release Como una película, their third phonogram, where they also venture into urban sounds and where they have collaborations with Kelvis Ochoa and Jotabarrioz.