It is a band that brings together the aesthetics of Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Rap; self-defined as Afrovanguardism.

This concept defends the aesthetics and styles of musical creation of African-American origin such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Trap, Rock, as well as Afro-Cubanism. Based on a review by musicologist Will Furton of the albums To Pimp a Butterfly, by Kendrick Lamar, and Black Messiah, by D’Angelo, Afro-avant-garde music is associated with an evolutionary context. In this context, Afro-American roots and otherness are exploited, taken to a postmodernist musical production process, where all these manifestations converge with each other, creating a conceptual fusion of a liberating discourse of maximum artistic expression and irreverent character, in accordance with the context where These genres originate.

A rupture with the traditional forms of creation is created. It is designed to connect with a macro audience, due to the reception that these aesthetics have had in the current music market.

Under these signs the band was founded in Havana by Claudio González (flautist, director, composer, arranger and producer) in 2020.

Claudio has been multi-awarded in international Jazz competitions, he participated in the only world show interested in covering only talented instrumentalists: “La Banda Gigante” and the Contest for the Havana World Music Festival, where he presented the band for the first time and had great  acceptance, thus winning the Special Mention for Originality and Creativity.

For more references, the band has a telegram channel among its networks (https://t.me/misifuz), where its activity and products are compiled.