Da Le (Havana)

Da Le (Havana)

Dj ́s & producers Iván Lejardi and David Casas have merged their aural universes with their duo “Da Le (Havana)”, a collaboration that blends powerful electronics with the wealth of traditional and Afro-Cuban music.

Fresh from the producer’s labs, Da Le (Havana) rhythmic experiment has been put to the test at Havana ́s most in-demand venues, such as Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), Havana World Music Fest, and Eyeife Fest among others.

Here their sound recipe hints at an evolution in the Cuban electronic music scene, traversing local frontiers and setting up an identity amongst the international circuit.

Both artists are finding in the past and present of their Cuban roots the very substance of what has made the island a true cultural hub for years. 

“Da Le (Havana)” is borne to the world by the strength of Cuban musical traditions and the producer ́s will uphold this heritage from their unique experience within electronic music, committed to the contemporary scene; styles like Afro-House, Deep House, and Afro-Beat are naturally found in their repertoire.

Sharing stage and collaborations with world-class Cuban artists include Julito Padrón, Rodney Barreto, Dayramir González, X Alfonso, Síntesis, Edesio Alejandro and also alongside top-billed international stars such as Luciano, John Acquaviva, Dj Koze, The Knocks, Dj Tennis, Sparrow & Barbossa, Darksidevinyl, and Zen Freeman.

Their productions have been picked up by renowned labels such as Stereo Productions, Redolent, Madorasindahouse, Wired, Deep Root Tribe, and Celsius Degree Records. “Da Le (Havana)” makes it clear that have just begun to get their machines revved up and offers a peek at what may well be the new future of Cuban electronic music.