Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and raised in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Tóke has a life experience prone to cultural mixing and enrichment. Just watch him. But, in any case, if there are any doubts, listening to his new EP Ethereal will completely dispel them.

The creation of these songs, he said, came as the result of a beautiful process in which ideas flowed easily between his compositions and the arrangements of the renowned multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker of Rene Flächsenhaar FLKS. “I wrote the songs, created demos / rough versions, sent them over to FLKS and he put his sauce to it, flipped it over, made it juicy,” he explains.

“There was an easiness and flow to this project that I never had before, everything happened so fast, felt so natural and right. I’m currently working with FLKS on more music in collaboration with another Berlin-based producer called Keymer, which is going to be even catchier, juicier, more tropical. Can’t wait to share it!”

As a musician, Tóke knows that there are many challenges, beyond the creation process itself. Achieving a balance between the artistic process and the tasks of promotion, marketing, administration, etc., it’s one of the most punctual for him.

“Sometimes you’re more a manager than an artist, and these times can be a little frustrating. Performing, being in the studio, songwriting etc. are the moments where you feel everything makes sense. It’s a challenge but even the promotion side can be approached in a fun, creative way sometimes.”

Performing in Cuba: “It’s the wildest thing”

The Indonesian-German musician sees in life the original source of inspiration. It depends, he explains, on the perspective that each person adopts personally. “Every single situation, even the worst can be a lesson or an inspiration –he adds–. When things feeling heavy sitting down, creating, making a song out of it really helps me deal with the real life stuff, quite cliché but it’s really like medicine.

With that spirit, he is preparing to land in Havana next May: “It’s the wildest thing, I’m beyond hyped! #HWM2022 will be my first band show since 3 years and I’m creating a completely new set, with a new band, new songs… It’s gonna be wild, I can’t wait!

He arrives, as he has told us, without expectations and with an open heart. “Of course I have heard many beautiful things about Cuba and especially about Havana, but I like to make my own experience and feel things for myself. I am looking forward to discovering other musicians, enjoying the sun, drinking some rum, and talking to as many random beautiful people as I can!

Meanwhile, and to get into the mood, listen to his playlist of songs that make him vibrate, which he updates every Thursday. What better way to get to know a musician than to listen to the music that moves them?