The Recordings and Musical Editions Company (EGREM) and the Organizing Committee of Havana World Music Festival announce that, due to the situation generated by COVID-19 and to prevent its spread, the seventh edition of the event is postponed until further notice.
“Our team is working hard to celebrate the event a little later, we will announce the dates soon. Right now the most important thing is prevention. We are aware that it can be a risk to carry out such a massive festival. Havana World Music will fill everyone with joy and excitement once the risk of this terrible epidemic passes,” said Eme Alfonso, artistic director of HWM.
In addition, the holding of Primera Base contest is postponed, a collateral project of the Festival to be held on March 16, 17 and 18 in the Cuba Pavilion, national headquarters of the Hermanos Saiz Association.
Just a few minutes ago, the Cuban Ministry of Culture announced that: “… as part of the prevention and confrontation measures in our country against the new coronavirus, the decision has been made to postpone massive national and international artistic events that involve large crowds of public “.
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