Havana World Music says goodbye: Until next time!

After almost three years of pandemic recess, the long-awaited Havana World Music had its Reload edition on May 28 and 29 at the Ciudad Deportiva Coliseum in Havana and from May 26 on the stages of the Fábrica de Arte Cubano. Due to the heavy rains during the days prior to the event, its Organizing […]

Havana World Music Reload: We adapt!

After several days with announcements of heavy rains and electrical storms, the Organizing Committee of the Havana World Music Festival decided to readjust its programming and move its headquarters to the Sports City Coliseum, where we can ensure two days of music and party for attendees. The concerts of this edition will take place at […]

Tóke in Havana: Create music is like medicine

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and raised in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, singer-songwriter Tóke has a life experience prone to cultural mixing and enrichment. Just watch him. But, in any case, if there are any doubts, listening to his new EP Ethereal will completely dispel them. The creation of these songs, he said, came as […]

Havana World Music Reload: The return of world music

Almost three years have passed since the last edition of the Havana World Music Festival (HWM). In March 2020, just five days before the party started, the imminent passage of Covid 19 through Cuba imposed a pause on us that lasted much longer than expected. Now, when the world is gradually recovering its natural rhythm, […]


In March we were struck by the news that the 7th edition of Havana World Music should be postponed because of the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic that to this day keeps us in confinement. The Festival has been active from home, paying attention to the latest in world music, as well as the initiatives […]

Danay Suarez, under the influence of God and nature

AMPM Magazine

Although Havana Culture projects of the Havana Club brand catapulted her to an early recognition outside of Cuba, Danay has never properly made a solo career on the Island, formally speaking, the concert he will offer at the closing of the Havana World Festival Music on March 21 can be considered his solo debut in a massive stage in the country.

Eme Alfonso: Métele presión al ajiaco Havana World Music


"Siempre digo que vayan con los oídos, la mente y el corazón abierto, porque muchas veces depende del gusto de cada cual. Hay bandas de 8 países, de todos los géneros, hay una paleta de colores impresionante" Eme Alfonso

Press review in World Music Central

World Music Central

True to the values ​​of diversity and creativity that distinguish the event, the organizing committee of HWM will again present in Cuba a particular mix of world music. The festival revealed some of the artists scheduled to perform.

Long live the Havana World Music

AMPM Magazine

The Pink Room of La Tropical burned for three afternoons and nights in the sixth edition of Havana World Music, the festival that every year brings together bands and artists from all corners of the world in the capital of Cuba. The event, which took place on March 21, 22 and 23, made it clear that Havana is ready to dance everything, and that it wants to be nourished by new sounds and different rhythms.

Havana World Music enciende La Tropical


“In the two nights that have elapsed, the audience filled the two stages of the Pink Room of La Tropical and had a great time. For this, the curatorship of the bands has been exquisite, key point of the HWM, which has positioned it as the largest alternative festival in the Caribbean ”

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